Death of an Actor by Kerichi
Summary: A tribute to Alan Rickman through a poem about Severus Snape.
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Warnings: Character Death
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1. The Actor, the Character by Kerichi

The Actor, the Character by Kerichi

He was born with magic,

and the gift for sneering


He could fell with a look,

cast a spell with his voice

in Potions

Mysterious, his agenda

known to few, suspected


Cynical, resentful,

He used wit to deflate


His role a vow fulfilled,

loyal obedience

part of penance

A solitary life

within the tight confines

of Hogwarts school

Focused on his goal

The ultimate ally

of Dumbledore


locked in memories

in a Pensieve

Friend, murderer, lover

Parts played for greater good

Brave to the end

An actor on life's stage

Hailed, thunderous applause

on both sides of the veil

End Notes:

A/N: I've written many stories about Severus Snape, so as a tribute to Alan Rickman, I decided to write a poem using Rickman's descriptions of Snape, which MsSardonicus compiled in a YouTube video, as well as Emma Thompson's statements that Alan Rickman "could fell with a look" and that he was "the ultimate ally", as well as film critic Jason's Solomons's remark that "He had a gift for being sneeringly withering." Alan Rickman was deeply loved and is deeply missed.
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