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Man in the Mask by MJ_Padfoot

Summary: Everyone wears a mask. For some, it's hidden and others it's in plain sight. What happens when we take off the mask? What happens when a third chance is given to us?

Severus Snape has been given this exact opportunity. Since his death, Snape finds himself somewhere stuck between the veil and the Wizarding world. As Snape finds himself moping around his old flat, he has unexpected visitors that change the rest of his existence. Can the trio help Severus? And will he, the man in the mask, revel more of his past?
Ratings: 3rd-5th Years [ - ]
Category: Severus/Lily
Characters: None
Warnings: Character Death, Pottermore Spoilers
Serie: None
Chapters: 4 Completed?: No
Wordcount: 8908 Viewcount: 9420
Published on: 06/19/11 Updated On: 01/06/16

Story Notes: This is dedicated to all of the past readers and reviewers since I left MFF. Now that I am back, I present to you a new tale from the desk of MJ_Padfoot. Please enjoy.

As always, everything and everyone belongs to Jo. I'm just playing with them. :)

1. A Mere Memory by MJ_Padfoot [ - ] (1953 words)
Well, here it is at last! The new story. I hope that you like it. Feel free to review! I'll respond to all of them.
2. Phoenix Tears by MJ_Padfoot [ - ] (3303 words)
Just a fair warning, I'd grab tissues if I were you.
3. Lily's Request by MJ_Padfoot [ - ] (1033 words)

4. Promise for the Prince by MJ_Padfoot [ - ] (2619 words)
Well, it's been forever since I've updated this story. So, without further adieu, here's an update! xo MJ