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Unexploded Bombs by Oregonian

Summary: Dudley Dursley has just experienced the death of his elderly father Vernon from heart disease, when he receives a letter from beyond the grave, a letter that puts a new light on things. An unsuspected time bomb involving his cousin Harry has been ticking for nineteen years.

This is Vicki of Slytherin House, writing for the Second Annual Terrible Two-Shot Challenge.
A Thank You to Elaine/Islastorm of Gryffindor for looking over the manuscript for me.

This story was nominated for a 2015 Quicksilver Quill Award, Best Post-Hogwarts.

Ratings: 1st-2nd Years [ - ]
Category: Post-Hogwarts
Characters: None
Warnings: None
Serie: None
Chapters: 2 Completed?: Yes
Wordcount: 6276 Viewcount: 3808
Published on: 11/21/14 Updated On: 11/22/14

1. Chapter 1 by Oregonian [ - ] (3164 words)

2. Chapter 2 by Oregonian [ - ] (3112 words)