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The Last Resort by William Brennan

Summary: The Battle of Hogwarts is all but lost. Everything has gone wrong. With the surviving defenders trapped in the Room of Requirement, the decision is made to use their last resort, and overthrow a centuries-old policy.
Ratings: 3rd-5th Years [ - ]
Category: Alternate Universe
Characters: None
Warnings: Alternate Universe, Epilogue? What Epilogue?, Mild Profanity, Violence
Serie: None
Chapters: 5 Completed?: No
Wordcount: 20083 Viewcount: 11278
Published on: 06/13/15 Updated On: 09/11/15

1. Chapter 1 by William Brennan [ - ] (6861 words)
Note: Much of the information about the details of COBR, and the UK’s command-and-control procedures in general, is my own invention, as it is (for obvious reasons) not available to the public.

2. Chapter 2 by William Brennan [ - ] (2751 words)

3. Chapter 3 by William Brennan [ - ] (3237 words)
Due to my total lack of a military background, I have no doubt inadvertently written things in this story, and will continue to do so, which would cause loud guffaws from actual SAS members. For that, to them and to my readers, I apologize.
4. Chapter 4 by William Brennan [ - ] (3472 words)

5. Chapter 5 by William Brennan [ - ] (3762 words)
Sorry for the long wait, I've been busy with school and things, and there's a big difference between the time required to do something like this and the time required to do it...well, less wrongly.