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Wand Woods and Cores by The Other Wandmaker

Summary: This is a summary of the magical cores Garrick Ollivander rejected and why.

It also recounts the properties of wand woods not related on Pottermore.

I take requests if you want to know about a core or wood that has not been covered in conon.
Ratings: 1st-2nd Years [ - ]
Category: General Fics
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Chapters: 1 Completed?: No
Wordcount: 3420 Viewcount: 693
Published on: 03/13/16 Updated On: 03/14/16

1. Intro, Lilac Wood, Fwooper Feather, House Elf Hair, Basilisk Optic Nerve, Griffon Feather by The Other Wandmaker [ - ] (3420 words)